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Here at LoneStar Specialties, it is very important to us to provide only the most excellent service and products available. That’s why we only work with the best manufacturers, partner with the best organizations, and deliver the best value for you.

Coal Tar & Petroleum Pitches

Distillate Oils

Creosote and Creosote Additives and/or Extenders.

Our wood preservation product provides long term protection and preservation for your needs.

Refined Tars

Refined Tars are available in many grades for protecting runways, roads, and parking lots.

Pavement Rejuvenators

A Coal Tar based Sealer/Rejuvenator that is FAA approved and Buy American Approved. Its main purpose is to penetrate your asphalt and to rejuvenator the asphalt binders all while lowering viscosity, restoring flexibility, plasticity, and ductility.