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A Coal Tar based Sealer/Rejuvenator that is FAA approved and Buy American Approved. Its main purpose is to penetrate your asphalt and to rejuvenator the asphalt binders all while lowering viscosity, restoring flexibility, plasticity, and ductility.


Our Sealer/Rejuvenator product has been manufactured by Lone Star Specialties (Formerly Reilly industries) since 1994. The product came about as a joint venture between Asphalt Additives and Bitumen Supply to introduce some competition in the market. The Sealer/ Rejuvenator product name started out as CI-5 and was later changed to PS/ R 07 after testing was done to lower the VOC content of the material.

In August of 2008 the new Lone Star Specialties who had been manufacturing the Sealer/Rejuvenator since 1994 bought Bitumen Supply. For marketing purposes the name was then changed to WD 2000™, but the quality of the product has remained the same for over 15 years.

Sealing the asphalt’s surface is a first step in many preventative maintenance programs, and that’s where our penetrating pavement Sealer/Rejuvenator WD 2000™ can help you with costly down time of tear outs or overlays.

From the day that new asphalt is laid the devastating effects of Air, Water, and Ultra Violet rays can cause oxidation of the pavement. WD 2000™ is comprised of coal tar and coal tar oils prepared from a high temperature, coal tar pitch. The Coal Tar oils help to lower asphalt viscosity and increase ductility while the top tars seal the surface of the asphalt to extend the life of the asphalt and to help protect the asphalt from the harmful effects of Jet Fuel, Air, Water, and Ultra Violet Rays from the sun.

By applying WD 2000™ you can start a good preventative maintenance plan that will allow you to continually use our product without build-up all while saving cost on expensive overlays or tear outs.

Thank you for your interest in using our product WD 2000™, a Pavement Sealer/ Rejuvenator. We have compiled a list of suggestions from some of our contractors. We hope that they may help, and will be glad to answer any further questions that you may have before or after application.

  • WD 2000™ applies very smoothly at 90° temp., and 65°-70° ambient, for best results. However, you can apply at 50° F (Ambient Temp.)
  • Material works best if applied at or above .065 gals/sqyrd. Heavier applications work well in different environments, but may take longer to dry and cure. Application of material below .055 gals/sqyrds will not have enough material to soak into asphalt and react properly with asphalt binders.
  • A precision spray machine is used for coverage of large surface areas. This is a computerized machine that controls flow rate to give you a uniform application of material. For smaller areas and hard to reach areas with the machine material can also be applied by hand using a simple paint roller to apply material.
  • Caution: This material works well on P.F.C. and Grooved pavement surfaces. We have applied .080 on both types of surface, but you have to make a decision for each runway. When applying WD 2000™ on P.F.C., be sure to clean thoroughly, there may be a dust settlement in the crevices and this will cause the rejuvenator not to adhere. Do not apply too much so that it closes all the drain holes.
  • Make sure that the tanker bringing the material is thoroughly cleaned and the gates unplugged so you do not contaminate your tanker or distributor. Thoroughly clean your distributor after each application of material. WD 2000™ will absorb a little bit of the oil but the oil will not absorb any of the WD 2000™ and could cause curling.

We appreciate your interest in our product. Should you need any additional information or have any questions, please feel free to contact our office at 1-800-256-2032

WD 2000™ meets all FAA Specs and Engineering Briefs related to Bituminous Pavement Rejuvenation and Coal-Tar Sealers/Rejuvenators.


  • Rejuvenator Sealers
  • WD2000
  • AR-16 (Coal Tar Free Rejuvenator)

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