Headquarters - Tulsa, Oklahoma | Operations - Lone Star, Texas | Terminal - West Tulsa, Oklahoma | Regional Office - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania



Lone Star Specialty Products is a manufacturer of many different Coal Tar and Petroleum Products that includes various Carbon Pitches and Refined Tars along with the distillate co-products.

Carbon Pitch products are used as a binder or impregnation pitch in industries such as Aluminum smelting, Steel Electrodes, Refractory products, pipe enamel, various carbon applications, and many more.  Lone Star refines tars to various grades that are also used by producers that manufacture Coal Tar Sealers used for protecting runways, roads, and parking lots.  Distillate oils are used to blend into Creosote for the industrial wood treating industry that provide railroad ties, utility poles and fence posts.  Distillate oils can also be used in the manufacturing of carbon black.

With operations in north-east Texas, Lone Star is dedicated to the safe and efficient manufacturing of these products and has an extremely experienced workforce.  Shipping capabilities include all types of truck and rail access including the exporting of bulk ISO containers.  Lone Star Specialties is dedicated to continuous improvement in the health, safety, and environmental performance in our operations in the U.S. and around the world. Lone Star Specialties and its employees are committed to the environmentally sound development, manufacture, distribution, use and disposal of our products.

Working With Our Community


Lone Star Specialty Products strives to be the most efficient producer of carbon materials and chemicals while setting the highest priority on safety and the environment.  With a strong focus on customer service at ALL levels of the company, Lone Star will prove to be the CHOICE of the industries desiring our products.